City Employment Fair in Kazan attracts more than 200 unemployed people

19 June 2018, Tuesday

Regular employment fair for residents of Sovetsky territorial district has been held today in Kazan.

The fair was organized in cooperation with HR specialists from the following enterprises and organizations: Kazan Tramway Depot, OOO Kazan Milk Plant, “Ridesourcing service – 112” State-financed Institution, military registration and enlistment office for Sovetsky territorial district of Kazan.

The fair was visited by 247 residents of Kazan. Visitors of the fair were offered the following open jobs: tram driver, electronics engineer, conductor, commercial representative, sales representative, merchandiser, watch officer, duty shift officer, woodworker, electrician, mechanic, construction electrician telephone, trading platforms specialist, milling machine operator, pargeter, electric and gas welder, electrician responsible for repair and maintenance of electric equipment.

In total 29 unemployed people received job referrals.

Job seekers were consulted on issues of labour and employment legislation, services rendered by the State Employment Service, professional training and occupational guidance and situation on labour market of Tatarstan.

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