января 2018 г.

Russian Sign Language master – classes were recently organized in Rehabilitation Centre for People with Disabilities in municipal district of Naberezhnye Chelny. the event was coincided with Year of Civic Engagement and Volunteering 2018.


According to specialists in social work of the Complex Social Service Centre in Tukayevsky municipal district, suicide is the second leading cause of death among school age youth. However, suicide is preventable.


января 2018 г.

Collegium meeting of Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan devoted to results of 2017 and challenges for 2018 has been held today within the walls of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Training Centre.


Meeting of volunteers’ division activists has been recently held within the walls of the Complex Social service Center in municipal district of Baltasy. The meeting was devoted to issues of senior and retired volunteering.


января 2018 г.

Due to work performed by the Republican Inter-Departmental Commission for Living Standards, Labour and Foreign Workers in the Republic of Tatarstan in cooperation with law-enforcement authorities, regulatory and supervisory authorities, tax authorities in January 2018, several corporate debtors operating in the territory of Tatarstan cleared arrears in payments.


Several safety lessons devoted to issues of fire protection have been given to fosterlings of the social shelter for minors in municipal district of Pestretsy since the beginning of 2018 by Leysan Galimzyanova, social teacher of the shelter.


января 2018 г.

There are 11 886 people registered as unemployed with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan as of 9 January 2018. Officially registered unemployment rate amounted to 0,58% of the economically active population in Tatarstan.


According to Minister of Labour and Social Protection Maxim Topilin, unemployment is expected to go down in 2018 and the minimum wage to be raised. The Minister gave an interview to journalists of Rossiyskaya Gazeta last week. A comprehensive text is available for readers of the newspaper’s official web site. 

2017 was declared the Year of Ecology by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. This decision was aimed to draw public attention towards environmental issues, support the protection of ecological and biological diversity and reinforce ecological security of the country. The Action Plan for the Year of Ecology provided for more than 600 events across all regions of Russia.


января 2018 г.

Regular visits to families at risk registered on social patronage at Home Care Department of the Complex Social Service Centre of Tetyushi municipal district were organized on 2 and 6 January 2018 by social workers of the Centre in cooperation with representatives of Control and Supervision Department of EMERCOM and fire fighters of 133 Fire-fighting Detachment. The aim of the visits was to automatic fire-alarm system inside the houses of multi-child families and those at social risk.


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