января 2018 г.

Republic of Tatarstan recently received the first tranche from federal budget in amount of 3,3 million rubles to ensure Child Benefit paid for the first child born or adopted by family since 1 January 2018.


января 2018 г.

Regular City Employment Fair will be held by specialists of the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan within the walls of the Employment Center of in Zainsk municipal district on 18 January 2018. The fair will be organized in cooperation with HR-specialists of six enterprises and organizations, among which AO SMP-Neftegaz, PAO KAMAZ Casting and Mechanical Plant, PAO Tattelekom, Yalta-Zay Sports Training Center, OOO mefro wheels Russia Zainsk Plant, State Public Institution "Zainsk Forest District”.


There are 11 453 people registered as unemployed with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan as of 16 January 2018 (433 people less in comparison to showings of the last week). Officially registered unemployment rate amounted to 0,56% of the economically active population in Tatarstan.


Number of unemployed registered with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan decreased by 178 people over the last week and amounted to 3 714 people out of occupation in the capital of Tatarstan - Kazan.


Meeting with young mothers – participants of “Mama works” Project implemented in Almetyevsk municipal district was recently organized by specialists of the Government Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan in local Co-working Centre.


According to specialists in social work of the Complex Social Service Centre in Mendeleyevsk municipal district, soap making is an age-old technique that gaining popularity among clients of the Centre.


In addition to the obvious aesthetic impact it has on a person's appearance, looking clean suggests someone is depending and worth taking seriously. Having a clean, well-kept appearance affects virtually every social interaction every person has in his or her life, be it social, professional or romantic.


As of today, Baltasy municipal district is proved to lead in number of families that have submitted applications for the First Child Benefit introduced by Russian President Vladimir Putin since 1 January 2018. To apply for the First Child Benefit parents have to visit a local Territorial Social Security Office with the aim to submit an application and provide all documents necessary to confirm their status.


января 2018 г.

According to specialists in social work of Kazan Social Service Centre, The most effective way to prevent juvenile delinquency has indisputably been to assist children and their families early on. Numerous state programs attempt early intervention, and federal funding for community initiatives has allowed independent groups to tackle the problem in new ways. The most effective programs for juvenile delinquency prevention share the following key components: education, recreation and community involvement.


Several trainings for children – fosterlings of the social shelter for minors were recently organized by specialists in social work in Nizhnekamsk municipal district. The trainings were focused on personal development, motivation and key characteristics of successful people.


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