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Thursday, January 18 2018
  • 10.10.2017

    Elmira Zaripova to appear on Tatarstan – 24 TV channel

    Elmira Zaripova, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan is expected to take part in Hot Topic TV programme on Tatarstan – 24 TV channel.  
  • 10.10.2017

    Exhibition of creative works in Social Service Center of Tetyushi

    Exhibition of creative works made by clients of the Complex Social Service Center was recently organized by specialists in social work of the Home Care Department. The exhibition was coincided with International Day of Older Persons.  
  • 10.10.2017

    Professional orientation of children in Pestretsy municipal district

    Several professional orientation excursions for fosterlings of the social shelter for minors were organized in October in Pestretsy municipal district. The excursions were organized in the frames of implementation of the Republican Social Project “We can do it together”. During the last excursion the children visited “Ak Bars Pestretsy” agricultural farm.  
  • 10.10.2017

    Agricultural fair in Baltasy municipal district

    An agricultural fair coincided with the International Day of Older Persons was organized last weekend in Baltasy municipal district.  
  • 10.10.2017

    Meeting with veterans of social sphere in Cheremshany municipal district

    Annual meeting with veterans of social service coincided with the International Day of Older Persons was held on 6 October 2017 in Cheremshany municipal district.  
  • 09.10.2017

    Autumn Week of Good Deeds in municipal district of Tetyushi

    An annual social action Autumn Week of Good Deeds was started in the beginning of October in all the municipal districts of the Republic of Tatarstan. In Tetyushi the initiative was supported by social workers of Home Care Department of the Complex Social Service Centre, activists of local volunteers’ divisions and schoolchildren who took part in several charitable actions.  
  • 09.10.2017

    Social Project Management Programme for community-focused non-profits

    Social Project Management Programme was launched in the beginning of this year upon an initiative of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Programme allowed to involve specialists of community-focused nonprofit making institutions in professional retraining with the aim to get an opportunity to render high quality social services.  
  • 09.10.2017

    Employment fair for senior citizens and people with disabilities in Drozhanovsky municipal district

    Specialized recruitment fair for senior citizens of pre-retirement age and people with disabilities will be organized tomorrow, on 10 October 2017 by specialists of the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan.  
  • 09.10.2017

    Adopt A Senior Project in Chistopol municipal district

    The Adopt A Senior Project has been ongoing for two years at social service institutions in the Republic of Tatarstan. With the aim to support families that adopted a senior and took on obligations for providing daily take care of him, several workshops were organized in October 2017 in Chistopol. The workshops are organized by specialist in social work.  
  • 09.10.2017

    Elmira Zaripova congratulates long-livers with 101-st anniversary

    Elmira Zaripova, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan has visited today Faruza Khasanzyanova, long-lived person – resident of Kazan that recently celebrated their 91-st anniversary.  

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