August 2018

Regular meeting of Welfare and Safety Coordination Council devoted to problems of occurrence rate of industrial injuries registered in reporting period of 2018 has been recently held in municipal district of Nurlaty.

Due to work performed by the Republican Inter-Departmental Commission for Living Standards, Labour and Foreign Workers in the Republic of Tatarstan in cooperation with law-enforcement authorities, regulatory and supervisory authorities, tax authorities in August 2018, several corporate debtors operating in the territory of Tatarstan cleared arrears in payments.

Emergency evacuation drill for building stuff has been held today in the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan in the frames of anti-terrorist month campaign traditionally held in September in the Republic of Tatarstan.

August 2018

Regular employment fair for unemployed residents of Novo-Savinovsky district has been held today in District Job Centre. The fair was held in cooperation with HR-specialists from five local enterprises and organizations.

On 19 August, Orthodox Christians celebrated the Savior of the Apple Feast Day, an Eastern Slavic folk holiday, falling on the Feast of the Transfiguration. Coincide with this holiday an open air event for clients of the care home was organized in Spassk municipal district.

Road safety lesson for children was recently organized by Gulnara Pryanichnikova and Elvira Zakharova – social teachers of the Complex Social Service Cente in pre-school educational institution № 16 in Leninogorsk municipal district.

Regular ecology lessons are given to fosterlings of the social shelter for minors in Nizhnekamsk municipal district. At the lessons children are introduced to the study of ecology. Concepts learned are reinforced with class discussion, group work, and culminating activities. At the last lesson the children defined 'ecology' and related key terms, listed biotic and abiotic factors in an environment and diagramed relationships between organisms in an environment by creating a detailed food web.

There are 10 547 people registered as unemployed with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan as of 21 August 2018 (93 people more in comparison to showings of the last week). Officially registered unemployment rate amounted to 0,52% of the economically active population in Tatarstan.

Number of unemployed people registered with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan decreased by 10 people over the last week and amounted to 931 people out of occupation in Nizhnekamsk.

August 2018

The specialists Regular visits to vulnerable families registered on social patronage were held by specialists of the Employment Centres together with social workers of the Complex Social Service Centres in all municipal districts of Tatarstan. According to specialists, such raids were aimed at inspecting housing conditions as well as providing competent advice and consulting citizens on employment of minors for summer period, effective job search, situation on labour market of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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