ноября 2017 г.

Due to work performed by the Republican Inter-Departmental Commission for Living Standards, Labour and Foreign Workers in the Republic of Tatarstan, total amount of unpaid wages in reduced this week by 873 thousand rubles.


Regular career guidance lessons for schoolchildren of upper forms were organized last week by specialists of the Employment Centre for Cheremshany municipal district in cooperation with specialists in professional orientation of Bink Social and Business Club.


In the frames of an annual raid “Dwelling 2017”, a meeting devoted to fire precaution measures that should be taken in social institutions was held in the Complex Social Service Centre Mendeleyevsk municipal district with participation of Territorial Fire Safety Service officers.


Meeting with inmates was recently organized by specialists of the Mobile Office of Menzelinsk Employment Centre within the walls of Investigation Cell №4 of the Department of Federal Service for Corrections for the Republic of Tatarstan.


Clients of Home Care Department of the Complex Social Service Centre in Kukmor municipal district took part in Nordic walking training organized by Gulzada Vagapova, specialist in social work of the Centre. The training was organized in Verkhny Iskubash village and attracted five senior citizens.


Excursion to Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy of Kukmor municipal district was recently organized by Nailya Turova, social teacher of the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities for small clients of the Centre.


Polymer clay master classes were organized last week by Irina Timofeyeva, social teacher of the social shelter for minors in municipal district of Pestretsy.

At the master class the children gained an understanding of the polymer clay skills they had always wanted to master.


Darts Competitions and Checks Tournament among children with special needs – clients of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities were organized last week in municipal district of Naberezhnye Chelny. The sports events were held in cooperation with Regional Public Organization for People with Disabilities and attracted more than 50 participants.


ноября 2017 г.

There are 11 592 people registered as unemployed with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan as of 14 November 2017 (9 people more in comparison to showings of the last week). Officially registered unemployment rate amounted to 0,56% of the economically active population in Tatarstan.


Specialist of the Government Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan carried out an inspection of individual businessmen that received the lump-sum payment provided by acquisition and state registration of legal personality, individual businessman or farm household in 2016 – 2017.


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