October 2018

Yesterday, within the framework of the Civil Defense Month started in the Complex Social Service Centre, a planned training session on the topic “Instructions on the actions of personnel in the event of an emergency. Evacuation of people in case of fire” was held. During the training, the following results were achieved. The actions of the employees were carried out in accordance with the tasks set in a timely manner, competently, in compliance with safety regulations. The state of technical equipment, the warning system worked without fail. Workers left the building within 2 minutes.

October 2018

Recently, group consultations for unemployed citizens searching for a new occupation were held at the Employment Center of Bugulma. During the trainings organized by S. Luneva – specialist of the Employment Centre, self-presentations made by unemployed attendants of the meeting were analyzed, issues of effective job search, writing CV, telephone and personal interviews were discussed. Everybody who wanted to take part in professional orientation tests received personal recommendations to determine the professional interests. The lessons were attended by 13 unemployed people.

The famous writer Abdullah Alish recently would have turned 110 years old. In honor of this date, members of the Writers' Union of Tatarstan, representatives of Ministries and Agencies, literary prize winners and relatives of the writer recently arrived in Spassky municipal district. The presentation of the Abdulla Alish Prizes was held in the district House of Culture and a gala concert was held in honor of the 110th anniversary of the writer.

“I am your friend and you are my friend” game for clients of the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities was held yesterday in municipal district of Bugulma. The goal of this game was to acquaint children with each other and cultivate friendly relationships. During the conversation, tutors explained children what friendship is and why it is important to value friendship.

October 2018

Move to Live Campaign has been started today in Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities in municipal district of Bugulma. The Campaign was organized in the frames of the Republican Project “We Can Do It Together”.

Regular visits to families at risk registered on social patronage at the Home Care Department of the Complex Social Service Centre of Laishevo municipal district were organized last week by social workers of the Centre in cooperation with representatives of Control and Supervision Department of EMERCOM. The aim of the visits was to check automatic fire-alarm systems installed in households of families at risk.

Legal consulting on collection of child support payments was organized last week in the Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities in Kazan. All legal representatives of children who had difficulties on this issue this year were invited to speak meet with professional lawyers.

Professional orientation meeting with schoolchildren of upper forms of Secondary School No.130 named after Hero of the Russian Federation, Major S.А. Ashihmin was held last week by specialists of the Employment Centre for Moscowsky District of Kazan. The meeting was attended by 203 schoolchildren.

October 2018

25 October 2018, regular employment fair for residents of Leninogorsk municipal district will be held within the walls of the District Jobcentre. The fair will be held with participation of HR-specialists from 15 district enterprises and organizations that are expected to offer more than 120 open jobs.

According to the specialists of Zelenodolsky Employment Center, Computer Operator Courses for unemployed residents of Zelenodolsk were opened last week in ANO Regional Agency for Qualifications Development.

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