November 2018

On November 22, specialists of the Social Assistance Department for Family and Children of the Complex Social Service Centre in municipal district of Bavly held an event dedicated to Mother's Day.

Within the framework of the “Childhood Without Tears” club, social teachers of the Social Assistance Centre for Family and Children of the Complex Social Service Centre held a lesson “Letter to Mother”.

The choice of profession is one of the most important one in human life. That is why work in this direction in the social shelter for children and adolescents "Shatlyk" in Pestrechinsky municipal district is one of the main tasks of the social teachers.

Zilya Zaripova, Assistant Prosecutor of Agryz municipal district recently paid a visit to the social center for children “Laska”.

November 2018

Due to work performed in November 2018 by the Republican Inter-Departmental Commission for Living Standards, Labour and Foreign Workers in the Republic of Tatarstan in cooperation with law-enforcement authorities, regulatory and supervisory authorities, tax authorities as well as Coordination Council on Wages, Incomes and Standard of Living under the Republican Tripartite Commission for Regulating Social and Labor Relations, two corporate debtors operating in the territory of Kamsko-Ustyinsky municipal district cleared arrears in payments.

The social shelter for minors “Turgai” (Menzelinsk municipal district) took part in the awarding ceremony of the 5th Republican Information and Social Video Contest “A Child in the World of Rights” - “Bala Hokuk Dayrsendu”, which was held in Kazan on November 20.

Today, specialist in professional orientation of the Employment Center of Leninogorsk, together with the psychologists of OOO Master-Pro Educational Center, provided a public service on vocational guidance and psychological support to young unemployed people.

November 2018

There are 9 817 people registered as unemployed with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan as of 20 November 2018 (161 people less in comparison to showings of the last week).

Number of unemployed people registered with the State Employment Service for the Republic of Tatarstan decreased by 23 people over the last week and amounted to 873 people out of occupation in the town of Nizhnekamsk.

On November 19, the Mobile Office of Almetyevsk Employment Center visited OOO Tatneft-EnergoSbyt. Head of the HR - Department, Farida Kadyrova and Maya Alekseeva - head of the Department for Labor Market Analysis held a meeting with the employees of this enterprise who had to be released.

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