November 2017

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan drew up Occupational Calendar 2018 with the aim to provide methodological assistance to employers carrying out their activities in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan.


An annual Remembrance Parade devoted to the Military Parade that took place in the town of Kuibyshev in 1941 was organized in Samara on 7 November 2017.


Regular employment fair for residents of Nizhnekamsk municipal district will be held on 8 November 2017.


Regular fire and evacuation drill was recently held in the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities in Arsk municipal district. Prior to the drill, all employees were trained on the evacuation procedures. The drill was conducted in cooperation with officers of fire and salvage unit №107 of the Federal Fire-Fighting Service for the Republic of Tatarstan.


Big Ethnographic Dictation took place in all regions of Russia on November 3. Its conduction is timed with National Unity Day. Federal Agency for Affairs of Nationalities is organizing the event. Anybody can take part in the dictation regardless of their age and level of education. The results will be announced on December 12, at Constitution Day.


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