Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Services of the Republic of Tatarstan


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Wednesday, October 11 2017
  • 11.10.2017

    Specialized employment fair for people with disabilities in Kazan

    Regional round of III National Skills Competition for People with Disabilities “Abilympics” was held in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan – Kazan last week. The name Abilympics comes from the idea of organizing a competition to promote the skills of persons with disabilities. It combines Abilities with the idea of the Olympics.  
  • 11.10.2017

    Agricultural farm in social shelter for minors in Bugulma

    Gardening program for children has being implemented in the social shelter for minors in Pestretsy municipal district in the frames of the Republican Social Project “We can do it together”. The children spend hours digging, watering and tending to flowers, fruit and vegetables that they have planted. According to specialists in social work, special needs youngsters thrive when given horticultural tasks.  
  • 11.10.2017

    Elderly activities in social institutions of Kukmor municipal district

    According to specialists in social work, favorite elderly activities include crafts, exercise, hobbies, relaxation, games, mental exercises, large print activities.  
  • 11.10.2017

    Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Kazan for Russian Pensioners’ Union activists

    Senior citizens – activists of Russian Pensioners’ Union were yesterday invited to take part in a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Kazan. The event was coincided with International Day of Older Persons and sponsored by City Sightseeing Kazan Company.  
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