For much of 10 years philanthropists’ family from Baltasy village help children with special needs

21 June 2018, Thursday

Radik and Asiya Zakirov – a family of philanthropists from Baltasy village have been providing help for children with disabilities for fourteen years running organizing and sponsoring children’s holidays. This year the festive event gathered 166 little residents of Baltasinsky municipal district.

The event was started with tea party – children and their parents received sweets and cakes made at bake house owned by good-doers.

According to specialists, play is a fundamental part of childhood. It enables children to develop social skills, form friendships, develop physical skills and learn about and become confident in their environment. However, for many disabled children opportunities are severely restricted. Community-based facilities, such as sporting activities, play schemes, and organized clubs and groups frequently exclude disabled children. In addition, disabled children often attend specialist schools or nurseries away from where they live, reducing their opportunities to make friends in their own communities.

Reduced opportunities for play and leisure also affect disabled children’s families. Most parents can take a break from parenting responsibilities when their children are playing with friends or involved in leisure activities. Parents of disabled children often do not experience these breaks, also brothers and sisters may be required to play with their disabled sibling rather than pursuing their own friendships and interests.

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